Business customer relationship management (CRM) software was the solution companies turned to when seeking tools to better serve their customers. But as power has shifted in recent years from product-centric companies to customer-centric organizations, traditional business CRM software has fallen short.

Traditional business CRM solutions have tended to be very data-focused and lack the capabilities to deal with the demands of increasingly complex customer and business realities. With customers now able to interact with multiple channels online and to change providers the minute they feel their needs are not met, companies need business CRM software solutions that can create better customer experiences, and not just quality customer service.

Powerful new business CRM software can help the organization build loyalty by better understanding customers, fulfilling requests more effortlessly and effectively, and delivering the right message at the right time in interactions across every channel – See more at.

Key business and CRM benefits of Pegasystems software.

  • Ensure quality, consistency and efficiency through every phase of the customer experience with unified strategies across all channels.
  • Optimize the each interaction with real-time decisioning, dynamic processes and advanced analytics.
  • Fulfill customer needs more quickly and effectively with advanced case management tools that maximize automation and eliminate manual procedures.
  • Leverage existing business software through easy integration to extend functionality and improve the quality of customer experience.