Internet Marketing

Online marketing can be more effective if you have your own Website, of course you should make sure that your Website looks professional yet interesting. It should provide whole bunch of information to your intended customer. All of your information should be up-to-date, easy to find, and reflect what you are doing with online marketing efforts.

After getting a website developed and hosted, the most difficult part comes in your way that is to rise above the crowd and differentiate yourself from your business competitors. This is where a well planned Marketing campaign comes in scenario.

Following is the methodology we follow in helping to boost up your site in major chart rankings:

  • Submitting your sites manually to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • Optimizing your contents and adding Meta Tags for search engines.
  • Develop search engine friendly html sitemap.
  • Create optimized robots.txt
  • Targeting suitable Keywords for Search engines.
  • Building a database of customer E-mail addresses.
  • Sending E-mail newsletters.
  • Initiate social bookmarking campaigns online.
  • Quality Link exchange
  • Pay Per Click(Optional)

Now your website is ready to be online,you will need a SEO for acheivieng a better ranking in Alexa ranking chart. Hire our SEO, relax and watch your site going up in the chart .