Lycus Web Solutions creating a logo design is an exercise in communicating a company’s or product’s core principals. There are countless combinations of colors, letters, illustrations and styles used in logo design. You select the best approach for your next logo design project.

Wordmark Mark Logo Design

The word mark focuses on text and typeface but can incorporate other elements as well. A word mark may be best suited for companies whose name effectively describes what they do (Office Max, Home Depot) without graphical elements to convey that message, a literal interpretation of the words is often necessary


wordmark logo design

letterform Mark Logo Design

Letterform marks use one or more letterforms as a symbol to suggest the brand message.



Pictorial marks Logo Design

Pictorial mark to be used in print and web material, suitable for different sizes and formats. The logo needs to be delivered in a high-resolution.



Abstract marks Logo Design

An abstract mark is a type of brandmark symbol which is great for companies with long names as well as for those organizations whose services are hard to describe.



Emblems marks Logo Design

A combination mark or iconic logotype is great for new companies which no one knows about and which do not have large budgets for publicity campaigns.