PPC Management Pay Per Click market categories are increasingly competitive. More advertisers are using keyword research, specific landing pages and feedback from web analytics to improve the performance of their PPC campaigns. As a result, the better performing keywords are becoming more expensive, leading to click inflation. This presentation should help you understand the key aspects of setting up and managing a successful pay per click campaign in order to optimise your performance. This presentation will help with generic PPC as well as setting up a campaign with Google Adwords

1.Research Your Market Category Customers, Competitors, Keywords The buying process Core keywords Long tail keywords Website analytics Volumes, values, margins Conversion is key Local vs. National vs. International

2. Plan & Structure Campaign The Search marketing mix Budgets Campaigns Ad groups Keywords Match types Landing pages

3. Organise Bidding Understand value of clicks Know value of conversions Quality Score is key Set up a keyword match hierarchy Bid more only when Quality Score is high Reduce bids if conversion cost is unprofitable

4.Track & Review Performance Establish key metrics PPC reports and analytics Cost per click (CPC) Click through rate (CTR) Conversions Cost per conversion Cost per sale What is target ROI?