Lycus Web Solutions Provide search engine optimization (SEO) Services .Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the active practice of improving aspects of your website so that commercial search engines (such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo) can find and display your Web pages in the results when they’re relevant to a searcher’s query. Users generally expect to find the most relevant results at the top of the search engine’s results page.

1. Keyword Phrases.

One word phrases are a thing of the past time. Yes, it is important to have fixed or specific keywords targeted as they relate to your brand and overall business industry however we have to keep an eye on what phrases people are querying to find us. Delving into your analytics and analyzing how people are finding you and comparing that to what you wish to be found for will help to secure your ranking in the SERP’s.

2. Content.

The content play most important roll that you are creating. It is not only built around keywords, it is built from what people are going to find useful, has a high propensity to be shared and also to be created from what people would want to link to. The content when we think in the different ways it will be viewed enhances how it is created.

3. Mobile Friendly.

As per SEO point of view if a site that is not mobile friendly is losing visitors. We have become a mobile dependent society and adapting your site to mobile devices is not only increasing your chances of searchers having the ability to view your site, it is also securing the trust with them as ultimately when we are searching, we want results. The results via a mobile device need to be more immediate and valuable.

4. Local Search.

Local search is still a warm topic. Google Places becoming the default for many industry specific searches has changed the way that people are accepting the search results. This is where the major change has taken place. Users have had to embrace this search result change. They want results that they feel that they faith. Appearing in the results starts the faith.

5. Link Building.

A link building tactic that encompasses internal and external linking through directories, reciprocal links as well as engaging in social media through commenting on blogs, creating content that is linked to as well as web pages that are a resource to be linked to is going to point to your site through the search engines as a point of reference and increase your rankings.