Web Site-Maintenance

Lycus Web Solutions provide Website Maintenance is the art and science of keeping a website current in both technology and content; assuring proper functionality; confirming accuracy of copy; correcting broken links and images; and performing an overall assessment of the site to make sure it still reflects your company properly.

Why do websites need maintenance?

Studies have shown that people typically visit a website more than one time before deciding to make a purchase or to do business with a company or organization. People like seeing fresh content and are discouraged to see outdated items. Old content and a stagnant site can cause people to doubt the company who owns the site.

First impressions are lasting. If a store’s window has a large crack, or the chairs in dentist’s reception area are torn, the owners of the respective businesses would quickly have them repaired. Since your website is often the first thing your customers see, links and images can be more important than your facade or furniture.

  • Broken links
  • Missing images
  • Unanswered feedback
  • Badly spelled text
  • Missing page titles